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Vincent Callebaut Architectures' Double Helix Eco-Tower Takes Shape in Taiwan

Vincent Callebaut Architectures has released in-progress images of their Tao Zhu Yin Yuan sustainable tower, under construction in the Xinjin District of Taipei City, Taiwan. The tower’s rotating form draws inspiration from the double helix structure of DNA and will be covered in 23,000 trees in its aim to become a pioneering sustainable residential eco-construction that finds “the right symbiosis between the human being and the Nature.”

After being awarded the project commission in a 2010 competition, Vincent Callebaut Architectures set out to create a building “like an inhabited tree” that could create a fragment of vertical landscape with minimal energy consumption.

The design consists of a 20-story tower that completes a 90 degree twist as it rises – a 4.5 degree turn per level. This form was chosen based on four criteriA : to integrate into the pyramidal profile of the building volume determined by urban setbacks; to generate a maximum area for cascading, suspended open-air gardens; to offer panoramic views of the Taipei skyline to all residents; and to provide each apartment unit with privacy by avoiding direct visual axes.

The tower has also been eco-designed to take advantage of the climatic and environmental conditions of its site. VCA conducted sunlight, thermal and wind analyses to fine tune the design, optimizing natural light and ventilation throughout the building. In addition, the large planted areas will allow the building to absorb 130 tons of carbon dioxide from the air annually.

The central core of the building features a double skin curtain wall system, that enables passive climate control for the vertical circulation and inner spaces. Other environmental features include a rainwater recycling system, low e-glass, a photovoltaic solar array on the roof and canopies, energy-saving lifts and automated energy saving monitors that adapt to climatic conditions.

Floorplans of the units follow two typical layouts on alternating floors, so to best fit into the virendeel beam structure. Each unit contains 550 square meters of column free floorspace, allowing for maximum flexibility of the interior layouts.

Additional amenities will include a swimming pool and fitness center, and several levels of integrated parking.

The Tao Zhu Yin Yuan is expected to be completed in September 2017.


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