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TITLE : Vincent Callebaut Amazes the World with Fantastic Architectural Design for Green Living

DATE : March 2016

FROM : Taipei, Taiwan


Well-known for imagining fantastical projects that address the worlds’ environmental and social ills, the young Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has inspired and amazed the world all over with his ecofriendly futuristic innovative designs.

Born in 1977 in Belgium and graduated in 2000 from the Institute Victor Horta, Brussels, the ecological architect plans and builds ecologic projects for the future in his own architectural practice Vincent Callebaut Architectures. The goal of his projects is to change the way of thinking of his clients. He has developed the theme of the “town of tomorrow,” which incorporates all the needs necessary to allow the population to live in an environmentally sustainable manner.

With inspiration from the Nature, he leaves no efforts to implement in his designs for the betterment of mankind. The designs of Vincent Callebaut, heavily indebted to naturally occurring shapes and patterns like double helixes, butterfly wings etc and inspire fellow colleagues, students, developers and the citizen of the world.

His innovative design creations and eco architecture have won him numerous prestigious awards and plaudits including the Napoleon Godecharle of the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts and the René Surrure. The jury appreciated his dynamism, his expression force and the coherence of his concept and recognised ´ a personality endowed with a remarkable aptitude giving well-founded expectations of great success and able thus to contribute to the fact that reputation of Belgium becomes a truth.

In 2005, he was the finalist of the “RE-New Architecture Pleasures” awarding the 12 best figures of the Architecture in the French Community of Belgium. During the same year, the Edition Company Damdi of Seoul dedicated to him at the age of 28 its first architecture monograph detailing the story of his awarded and exhibited projects during worldwide spontaneous proposals and international competitions.

In 2008, his second monograph “Archibiotic” was published in English & Chinese with the support of the United Asia Art & Design Cooperation at Beijing. He is confirmed as one of the most important leader in green architecture and low carbon emission living. From New York to Hong Kong crossing Brussels and Paris, Vincent Callebaut proposes with determination and conviction prospective and ecological projects by insufflating locally dialogs and meetings that try to raise questionings on the society in which we live as citizen of a global world! Since, in the framework of his architectural firm and great collaborations (Jakob+MacFarlane, Claude Vasconi, Jacques Rougerie), he militates continuously for the sustainable development of the new Ecopolises via transdisciplinary strategies for an investigation architecture mixing biology to information and communication technologies. His other monographs published include ‘Ecological Architecture’ (3rd) in 2011, ‘Masters of Architecture’ (4th) in 2013, and ‘Fertile Cities’ (5th) in 2014.

In 2015, Vincent Callebaut publishes his sixth monograph “Paris 2050” (Ed. Michel Lafon) in which he explains his sustainable visions for the City of Light and Love. Following the Climate Energy Plan of Paris - aiming to reduce 75% of the greenhouse gas emissions within 2050 - this ‘PARIS SMART CITY 2050’ is a research and development project. Vincent Callebaut works on the integration of plus-energy skyscrapersproducing by solidarity most energy than they consume for the historical surrounding areas.

In the same year in Chicago, he is the Award Finalist on Innovative Design by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). In China, Vincent Callebaut awarded by the International Union of Architects (UIA) the Honorary Mention Award for his project “Wooden Orchids”, a shopping mall 2.0 switching to the circular economy.

In 2014, Vincent Callebaut is awarded for the project Tao-Zhu Garden with the “International Architecture Award 2014” in New York organized by the Chicago Athenaeum and by the European Centre Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. In Singapore, for the same project in Taiwan, he is the winner of the “Highly Commented Award 2014” during the World Architecture Festival in the Future Residential Buildings category. By in Georgia, Vincent Callebaut, taking a Leadership Role in Green Design, is selected in the Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof and Greenwall Design. The Liaoning Science & Technology Publishing House Ltd edits his fifth architectural monograph titled “Fertile Cities, New Ecoresponsible Lifestyles inspired by Biomimicry.”

In 2013, establishing his sterling reputation as practitioners of sustainable architecture, Vincent Callebaut was selected to be in the list of the Top 50 Sustainable Architecture Award Members of the Green Planet Architects. In Frankfurt, he is nominee for the “Design German Awards 2014” for his project in Shenzhen “Asian Cairns, Sustainable Farmscrapers.”

In 2011, Time Magazine has referred to his work as the best eco-utopian architect: “Imagining fantastical projects that address the world’s environmental and social ills.”

In 2010, Vincent Callebaut Architectures was awarded by BES Engineering Corporation as the first prize winner for the design and the construction of an ecological residential tower at the bottom of the Tower 101 in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan. This ecological tower called “Agora Garden” is under construction and will be delivered in 2016.

Mentioned here are just few accolades but there are many more recognitions to his credit. With commitments - To anticipate, To prospect, and To touch, Vincent Callebaut works in association with Architecture of the Living (Bios) and the NICT (New Technologies of the Information and the Communication) to build the future green ecopolis of tomorrow.


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