Hamburg 2009


DATE : 30.06 - 15.08.09

LOCATION: Deichtorcenter, Oberbaumbrücke 1, 20457 Hamburg

OPENING: Monday, June 29, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

TYPE : Seismograph City

THEMA : Sustainable Strategies in Architecture and Urban Design

PRESENTED PROJECTS : Lilypad and Dragonfly

COORDINATOR : Aedes Gallery Berlin

INFO LINKS : http://www.architektursommer.de _ http://www.aedes-arc.de/start.htm

The certainty of finite resources and the realisation that innovation in architecture and urban planning can contribute to the necessary minimisation of energy and resource consumption, thereby improving quality of living, has become increasingly entrenched in the public consciousness. Due to recent statistics which show that seventy percent of the world’s population will be living in cities within the next twenty years, the urban context has become a focus of much research. The universal city defines itself not only as the catalyst of cultural, social, economic and ecological processes, but also as the seismograph of global developments. Never before has there been such consensus between politicians and the public on the question of how we can innovatively and constructively improve our living environment. Given global challenges to develop sustainable strategies in architecture and urban design, the architectural profession assumes a significant role and responsibility.

This exhibition and catalogue present a diverse spectrum of buildings in various stages of development and completion as well as visionary designs which address sustainable strategies in the context of current architectural and urban developments worldwide. Central is the city of Hamburg, which due to its visions for sustainable architecture and urban design, has been awarded the title “European Green Capital 2011”. The exchange of experience between countries and continents plays a significant role in the development of common sustainable strategies. The importance of maintaining dialogue between cities is therefore reflected in the exhibition and catalogue.

The individual sections are organised according to the following themes: OnShore – new buildings, ReStore – conversions, NetWork – infrastructure, ShoreUp – flood protection/building near water, ShoreDistrict – coastal town development, Accumulate – energy, and Cross the Border – Visions. These provide an exciting insight (not overview) into current planning in the city of Hamburg, as well as a fascinating and rather surprising collection of projects, designs and visions which excite our imaginations, give us strength, motivation and which hopefully inspire us to further examine themes of sustainability.

An exhibition catalogue will be published.

Speaking at the opening reception will be: Anja Hajduk, Senator for Urban Development and Environment, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg Kristin Feireiss, curator of the exhibition, Aedes Berlin

For more material related to the exhibition, please contact Beate Engelhorn: be@aedes-arc.de and Kristina von Bülow: Kristina.Buelow@bsu.hamburg.de The exhibition is kindly supported by: Hamburger Wohnungsbaukreditanstalt, Argoneo and Real Estate


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