Vincent Callebaut
Paris 2007
80 billions of human being were born and lived on earth from the appearance of the humanity. We do not leave anymore in an original nature but in a humanized nature modified by the actions of the man, its writing on the ground, its own geographies. Today, the urban contemporary society must reduce the stigmata of its past actions inflecting too strongly on the nature. This must be done by an active restoration in its own dynamic ecosystems consolidating the integration of a densely layered nature on the same way as the natural elements. To become established in its own biotope continuously reformatted, the nomadic urbanity needs to explore the new alternative landscapes for the emergence of an interactive architecture with its tectonic environment.

The old Euclidean structures fluctuate, cross and become entangled by Boolean connections and mesh smooth modifications to tend to new geologic, layered, folded, superposed and interconnected processes. Thus for example, the Corean Archibiotics «Basalt Precipice» near Seoul and «Atoll below the Ocean’s Level» in Busan furtively scratch the ground (the roof of the building becoming its main roof) whereas the projects «Fields in Fields» in Tartu, «Ecomic» in Mexico City or «Moving Trans-fer» in Saint-Etienne are stratified in opened and multilayer compaction of the grounds on other grounds. Between splines and curves, paths and vertex, the gigabits enable thus to « stretcher » the primitive standards or to replace them by particle systems, dynamic objects and mesh or nurbs surfaces emulsifying and captivating thus the discourse between the earth and the city !


In the heart of our dual world between nature and technology, the bionic man that I represent evolves with his electronic prosthesis blitzed by neuronal stimulations via a spectral field of visible and invisible flows (infrastructure network, GPS, satellites, internet, wifi, bluetooth). By resonance between our global world and my local culture, between the decadent bio-real and the utopian techno-virtual, I am looking for my contemporary identity and try by ubiquity to transcend the landscapes by taming them scientifically and technologically. My ecosystem is the set formed by an association or a community of human beings (biocenose) and its geologic, pedologic, atmospheric environment (biotope). My own emergency is to weave again together the constituting elements of my ecosystem by re-encourage a new network of interdependences enabling the maintaining and the development of the life and my species.

My architecture projects aspire to create ecosystems built as dynamic complexes interacting with all the data of the site that are natural or cybernetic. My Archibiotics act as synergetic capacitors between the biotic factors (action of the living on the living: parasitism, symbiosis, mutualism, etc.) and abiotic factors (action of the not living on the living : ground, climate, chemistry, etc.). Under the action of the men, the ecologic regression accelerated quickly these last decades evolving to a stable state fluctuating continuously by complex retroaction loops. Even if more than half of the worldwide population is urban, for 3 million years the body and the human spirit have been developing themselves directly in contact with the nature and its stimuli. Therefore, all my projects respect the unique nature of the ecorégion1 in which they are set up such as their morphology, their geology, their ground, their human resources, their fauna and their flora. The object-architecture is replaced by an environment-architecture able not only to interact with the ecosystems but also to regenerate them positively. Breaking the frontiers between architecture and urbanism, between object and network, between nature and artifice, it deals with encourage the site by revealing it by many organic, physical and chemical solicitations. Thanks to the programs of spatial simulation, parametric programming, biotechnologies and renewable energies, the projects become reactive architectures interacting formally and physiologically by mutation, contamination, parasitism, eco-absorption and bio-diversification.

The urban metabolism has energetic needs ten times higher than a natural system. All the energetic flows supplying the city constitute the «inputs». There are the direct importations of material or energies such as gas, electricity, fuel, food, construction materials, the subsidiary materials derived from these products, and the natural energy of 10° exposing 6M/year linked to the sun. We can also evaluate the energetic exits called « outputs », which come from the energetic modifications of the inputs and are constituted of the majority of the waste of the whole nature. The imported energy supplies instead of the solar energy, the urban industrial system. Inputs and outputs explode exponentially and pollute the ecosystems transforming my humanity in a voracious and devastating, quasi-autodestructive beast!

In this context, the new language of the projects Archibiotics with positive energy tends to reinvent a new vocabulary and looks for innovative solutions via the transfusion in situ of the couple Nature-Technologies : ecologic niches in suspension, curtains of micro wind machines, tube-shaped dermis with aquatic heating and optic canals of «Ecomic» in Mexico City; thermostatic nets thermoregulatory inflatable cushions of the «Red Baobab» in Prague ; geothermal fault and furtive morphing of the «Basalt Precipice» in Jeongok ; photovoltaic geography and multilayer folders of «Fields in Fields» in Tartu ; colorimetric plasma, reeds of kinetic energy retrieval and organic filtration by lagoon of «Eye of the Storm» in Seoul ; tidal power and tidal thermo-energetic seawall and aquatic roof with inverse osmosis for the desalinization of the sea water of «Atoll below the Ocean’s Level» in Busan ; organic fracture, piercing sharp, photosensitive and tattooed skins of the «Fractured Monolith» in Brussels, computer membrane, eco-landscape spirals and Canadian shafts of natural ventilation of the « Eight Lighthouses of the Light Rail Transit » in Port Louis ; telescopic lenses and phylo-logic parasites of «Link» in Tubize ; bio-aquariums with gravitational purification and tubes with combustible of «Liquid Skin» in Dublin ; sampling boxes in photosynthesis recycling of the CO2 of « Experiments Garden» in Brugge ; folding and unfolding of «Moving Trans-Fer, an Oblique Continuity» in Saint-Etienne; levitation and cockring of «Dolmen» in La Louvière. At the crossroads of the information often antagonistic of our risky society, the common strategy of all my projects is thus to combine all the inherent potentialities to the ecosystems for the benefit of new eco-compatible, half-breed, scalable and heterogeneous glocal prototypes. The traditional fixed city wins in unpredictability, disinclination so as to better assert as mutant, interactive and dynamic such as its citizens!


Hybrid and imperfect abstraction, the architectures integrate and exfoliate themselves in the folders and the anfractuosities of the landscapes and come in a variety of biomorphic spaces decoding the natural processes by transposing them by distortion, abstraction and addiction in the biotope and the metadata. «The nature, in its task does not distinguish the details of the block; but pushes from everywhere enchaining itself without attempts, without return, without model, without particular view, without reserve; it does not divide a project of its execution (…)» in this quote of Paul Valery, we understand the environment is in constant evolution because all the component of this environment evolve also. This perpetual regeneration develops organic project whose fluid complexity tends to the one of the living regarding more the metabolism than the shape. The buildings become eco-intelligent and follow the principles of a hyper home automation or an advanced hyper immotic enabling in real time and at a distance by high debit 4G to supervise, synthesise and coordinate the tasks of comfort, safety, maintenance and more generally of electronic, physiologic and organic services in individual or collective housing of tomorrow. The challenge of the architect-programmer is especially in the interface of all the technologies and inconsistencies that occur at the juxtaposition of the protocols.

The auto-management of this techno-architecture synchronised with the cycles of the nature would be the ultimate goal! The basis condition is that the members of a project give up thinking, wanting, deciding for the others, but focus on what they want themselves, assume completely from the beginning the personal and located character of their demands, their status of participants and inhabitants. By a continuous feedback, the behaviours adjust between three vectors Man-Machine-Nature. While being energetically auto-sufficient, the architecture absorbs and shares parametrically the quantitative, qualitative and sensitive desiderata of each person to generate itself in a mutable, blurred, and undetermined whole. In the contemporary city in permanent collision of simultaneous states, the organisation of these quasi genetically codified spaces reduces the true-lives by creating new interfaces of exchanges as well as fractal and flexible spatialities. The hybrid projects of Archibiotic mixing techno and biodiversity reinvest thus the urban denaturalised sites by the uncontrolled actions of the man and digest the flows made by the intensity of the social world by defining a viable growth for all by the recycling and the creation of new life cycles in the heart of the Ecopolis.

Extract text from the architectural monograph "ARCHIBIOTIC, VINCENT CALLEBAUT", Beijing Office - AADCU Editions, Beijing 2008, China,p.24-27