Vincent Callebaut
Paris 2007
Since my diploma obtained in June 2000 with the “Grand Prix d’Architecture René Serrure”, critics about the graphical virtuosity of my realisations and the prospective inventiveness of my creations enabled me to be well distinguished during worldwide exhibitions and competitions in Europe, Asia and United States of America.

The prospective sampling is a new way of creation which consists in mixing a scientifical and cultural survey with a computer programmatic approach in order to transcribe in architecture landscape distortions or ecosystem abstractions. Each architectural project at any scale, wants to anticipate through this digital hybridization, the future lifestyles by inventing new imaginary worlds. More poetic worlds. More equitable worlds. More natural worlds. Actually, more humanistic worlds!

As in the contemporary art universe, a young architect must nowadays follow transversal tactics. He must be very flexible such as a free electron reforming itself in every new project according to a different structure. It is a real challenge to carry out parasite strategies which are beyond the partitioning between practices. In a global world, the prospective sampling offers infinite possibilities of interferences and opens new action plans with Sciences, Arts and Literature. The architect becomes a true Disc Jockey of the planetary information building the space by mixing and reducing the practices coming from everywhere else outside the field of architecture.

“To believe in the world, this is what we miss the most: the world is completely lost to us, we have been deprived of it. To believe in the world also means to create events, even insignificant ones, that gets out of control, or create new space-times, even in reduced surfaces or volumes (...) it’s on the level of each attempt that the capacity of resistance or, on the contrary, submission to control may be judged.” Deleuze in “Pourparler”

Considering this global context, all the projects share also a view of the progressive landscape based on biomimetic and physionic projection. My architectures leave actually the inertia and are inspired by the miraculous perfection of the human body and its functioning. They are very flexible and evolve like real living organisms able to move, to change and to develop themselves in osmosis with their environment and in entire energetic autonomy. These projects of evolutionary transformation of contemporary urbanity become impregnated with the environment in order to better adapt themselves there thanks to new biotechnologies and new telecommunication systems which offer a maximal spacial and temporal flexibility.

The Architecture becomes an important and complex exchange of variable sensations according to emotions, feelings, atmospheres, uses, but also to climates, geographies, food chains and all other cycles of the nature. When people are aware of the impact, they have on the lasting development of their own planet; it deals with creating first intermediary places of sociability which grasp territories without purifying them. The strategic ambitions of this “interactive” architecture, that means in total interaction with its environment for a sustainable development, are the self management, the recycling of organic, industrial and domestic material, the configuration in real time, the eco-morphing, the biological and genetical diversity, everything leading to artificial geographies and dynamical ecosystems beginning new life cycles.

In order to outline the first research of this “living” architecture, all the recent projects and those presented in this second monograph “ARCHIBIOTIC” use the “digitalization” not only like a theoric process of conception leading to a first essay of artificial intelligence in architecture, but also like a useful tool of construction to retranscribe the virtual architectures in the real and concrete world!

“Vincent Callebaut always questions, by our renewed and intrigued vision, (and not formatted, televised, asepticzed) a vision of a territory inhabited but not fixed. He proposes the building as a living entity, participating in the individual and social development … It’s to demonstrate ones desires to the world. It’s trying to open a gate towards the future, to join the opinion that the world is in becoming and not ending, curled up on itself. It’s giving the best of oneself, a generosity, to be in complicity with the other, it’s trying to have an opinion of ones own about our society and the world we live in (is this how people live ?), where everything that steps out of the boundaries of commonplaces seems to be prohibited. There is no watchword, if it isn’t “resist”. Resist to everything and to oneself.” Agnès Martin in “Walking on the wild side”

To anticipate. To prospect. To touch.
This is the great challenge to reinvent and to implement day by day the life of the worldwide citizen!